Recommendation RRrrrrrrondays!

Okay, so there will never be a good day of the week to note a recommendation and make an alliteration of said note. I'm okay with that. Mostly.

I anticipated from the start that I would intersperse recommendations with my own recipe posts as a tribute to those bloggers and inventors who have inspired me. So see the Recommendations page for the list of linking posts I throw up here.

The first linkee of honour that I wanted to have here was one Cheryl Rule. Cheryl runs 5 Second Rule, a hilarious, smart, fun blog that I can't say enough good about. She was also the one who inadvertently introduced me to the world of food blogging. I don't remember what I'd been looking for, but long ago, I found her via Google and after reading about a million recipes straight (and totally just for her recipe introductions--I'd stopped caring about the food three posts in, but it's awesome too), I knew I was hooked.

I'd like you to take a look at a simple offering of hers, Bacon Green Beans with Crispy Sage. This recipe combines two of the best things in the world, bacon and fresh sage, so you can't go wrong.


Cheryl said...

Oh my goodness, I am touched beyond belief, and thrilled to see your face and learn a little bit more about you. Congratulations on starting the blog!

And fasten your seat belt. You're in for a ride.

NS Foster said...

Hah! Hardly. I've just sort of mentioned this to family and friends; it shall be a quiet little labor of love, I think.

But anyway, I wouldn't've said it if it weren't true to a word so enjoy.

PS - Weird question proving how little I know about blog tech--how in god's name did you know I linked to you?

Sarah Hockley said...

Congrats on the new blog Nikki! I look forward to reading about your delicious adventures! Also... thank you for linking to that 5 second rule blog. I have just spent the last 90 minutes reading it non stop.

Cheryl said...

Hi Nikki (and Sarah, thanks for the visit),

Sorry it took me a little while to circle back. I found out about your site because each blog (even yours on blogspot) has access to "stats," or a running list of sites that refer traffic to you from elsewhere on the web. Most active bloggers like myself, and now you, keep tabs on our stats, so we can see who is linking to us. Your blog showed up in my stats after you posted it, so a quick click brought me here where I discovered, much to my great delight, the lovely things you said.


NS Foster said...

I figured I had to mention it to you directly, Sarah. Heh. Thanks!


Ah Ah Ah! I understand now. It is not just witchcraft. (For someone who's relatively computer savvy, modern uses of the internet elude me. Like, say, Twitter.)